ITW timberSphere Software Launch Animation

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RMV Productions Case Study | ITW timberSphere Animation

 ITW timberSphere Screen Shot Launch Animation

The ITW Case Study

ITW Construction Products, global manufacturer of fixing, fastening and drilling systems for wood, steel and concrete applications, are in the process of developing a brand new and innovative software product called ‘timberSphere’.

timberSphere assists with the design of roof trusses and engineered wood floors, and is being developed to be a significant step forward in the integration of raw design with other business processes.  ITW needed a high quality, visually stunning and exciting video to launch the concept of timberSphere software and to generate anticipation with their customers and other stakeholders.

The RMV Productions Solution

After discussing the project with the ITW Construction Products team and finding out as much as we could about their expectations for the video and what they were looking to achieve, we got to work straight away.  Everything ITW needed was delivered, in-house, by the RMV team. From the overall design and concept, the storyboard, full animation and audio design through to the final voice over, we completed the project in less than 4 weeks.  We made sure that the video had impact, looked visually impressive and that it also communicated the stand out features and benefits of the new product.  The length of the video was crucial too. We agreed on two minutes, which for this project was the perfect amount of time to convey the key messages, whilst still maintaining pace and interest.

For speed and efficiency the animation was created entirely in After Effects using plugins and effects, cutting out the need for any external 3D software or rendering this time. We used element 3D to create all the 3D words and parts, and utilised the Trap Code Suite for much of the background effects and particles and to create the globe at the start.  Our audio team designed the audio effects and mixed a high impacted cinematic sound bed, to add drama and excitement.

ITW timberSphere Speed Screen shot  ITW timbersphere angles screen shot

How ITW Used Their New Animation

A very select group of people comprising ITW’s most prestigious customers and stakeholders were invited to attend an exclusive timberSphere launch event in Birmingham in October. The video was broadcast with dramatic effect on three 10’x8’ screens so that it made an imposing, impactful display for the guests.

For attendees that were unable to make the event, ITW followed up with a special information pack which included the presentation.

Want To See What We Did?

…..Drum roll please!

timberSphere Software Launch animation from RMV Productions on Vimeo.

What ITW Had To Say

“Pete and the team at RMV Productions were incredibly intuitive about the style and quality that we were looking for from a video to launch our new software product. They quickly envisaged what we wanted to achieve and worked very competently to deliver visuals that we were very proud to unveil to our VIP’s at the launch itself.  It was important to us that the animation impressed our customers and reflected the high level of investment ITW is committing to the new project.

“RMV Productions looked after everything for us and were on the ball the whole way through the process. Feedback internally and externally has been excellent and has far exceeded all our expectations.”

Connall Twomey, Marcomms Manager at ITW Construction Products (UK)

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About ITW Construction Products

ITW Construction Products is a leading manufacturer of fixing, fastening and drilling systems for wood, steel and concrete applications. Through a number of brands the construction products division of the global organisation ITW Inc. offers the construction industry a wide range of products, primarily aimed at professional users, such as electricians, carpenters and dry liners. Worldwide, the Construction Products division generates annual revenue of around $4bn.  ITW Construction Products comprises primarily of five key sub-brands – Alpine and Gang-Nail, specialists in software and nail plates for the production of roof trusses and open web floor joists; Cullen, manufacturers of timber engineering connectors; Paslode, innovators in the manufacturing of gas and pneumatic fastening tools and consumables; and Spit, a leading supplier of steel & concrete nailing, mechanical and chemical anchoring systems.

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