As a recent graduate of BA (Illustration) from the University of Brighton, I e-mailed RMV Productions enquiring about the potential for an internship. In my final year at university I began working predominantly with film and animation. However, due to the nature of the illustration based course, I felt I hadn’t learnt a great deal about these areas which interested me most. I therefore got in contact with RMV, who work mostly with the music industry on lyric/music videos. You would often find me at local gigs or music festivals so RMV felt like the perfect fit for me to learn from their years of experience and knowledge that they could hopefully pass on to me.

On my first day I was straight away involved with the usual runnings of RMV by being given a brief for a digital advert for a local company. This enabled me to stretch my animation skills with the help of Pete and Matt as guidance. Up until now, most of my animations involved elements of the handmade, from paper-cut to puppetry to green-screen so learning more corporate, motion graphics allowed me to develop my personal, freelance animations with a stronger understanding of After Effects and Premiere Pro. I used these newly acquired skills to develop pitch ideas for lyric videos and portfolio designs including style frames, test animations and logo motion graphics which are now broadcast all over Horsham. I can already feel the knowledge helping with the music videos I am working on in my own time.

In addition to animation, I also assisted on a number of video production shoots, mostly as a runner. It was great to see how new pieces of unfamiliar kit worked such as the Black Magic Production camera and the Sony FS7. I have created short films in the past but only with an entry level DSLR so experiencing new equipment was helpful in broadening my understanding. With the footage captured on the shoots, I was tasked with creating a behind the scenes edit for the client. This was made very simple by the humour of the clients who pulled various funny expressions and cracked numerous jokes. I cut these elements together along with time-lapse footage, clips from the final cut and general shots of the kit and team. I then synced the clips to an up-beat track, did some colour correction tweaks and voila! The client loved the cut and ended up posting it on their Facebook page.

You can check out my BTS video below:

In my final weeks, I was tasked with creating 45 templates on a royalty-free content library and cloud based editing website. This involved styling the templates with text animations, overlays and footage selections all within the limitations of the software (which sometimes got frustrating!) In the end we delivered all the templates on time and to a high standard of creativity with the functions available. Another happy client! Overall, my time as an intern at RMV has been great! I’ve met a great team and learnt a lot about animation and motion graphics. They always take the time to answer my questions and give me any guidance I need with briefs. I am excited to continue working with them as their new junior animator and studio assistant!!!

If you’re interested in an intern placement or work experience with RMV Productions contact us here. Or if you’d like the team to produce some creative animation or video content for you, simply fill out our online quote form. We look forward to hearing from you.

Tash Tully – Junior Animator