Anson Seabra - EP Campaign Creative

Virgin Records

AnimationLyric Video

What started out as a fast turnaround job for a team at Virgin Records who we hadn’t previously worked with, soon turned into a suite of creative assets for a high-profile EP campaign. To begin with, we were asked to create a lyric video for ‘It’s Rain, It’s Pouring”. As soon as we heard the track we knew the perfect visual would be rain running down a windowpane, so we set to work creating this asset and delivered the finished video within a week! Alongside the lyric video, we also created a suite of promo assets including Instagram videos and a looping Spotify canvas.

Following the success of this lyric video, Anson’s management asked us if we could create another for his next single ‘Magazines’. For this one we went with a low-fi DIY collage vibe, influenced by Tumblr trends, which was right on-brand for his fan base.

Our relationship with Anson developed further with him asking us to create two more lyric videos as well as visualizers for every track on his EP. We also worked with the label to produce social media promo assets to promote the singles and EP for this hugely successful release in October 2021. Below are the track visualizers for the remaining songs on the EP ‘Feeling For My Life’.

We wanted to build a ‘creative world’ around all the music which presented each track with its own style to match the music, while also feeling part of the overall creative style for both the music and visuals.

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