Bedroom Ceiling - Illustrated Artwork

Relentless Records

Graphic DesignIllustration

Relentless Records approached us to create an ‘anime-inspired’ illustration for Sody’s track ‘Bedroom Ceiling’. The mood and theme were to be deeply connected to the lyrics of the song but seen from the perspective of the bedroom ceiling, looking down at the artist. Sody was heavily involved every step of the way, from reviewing the initial sketch to finalizing with us a colour scheme that worked well with the vibe of the track.

Design Process

The final image tells a story created around the main focus of the bored character. Working with the singer, Sody, we added real-life detail of posters and home furnishings from her own apartment. For the palette, we decided on a combination of warm tones that would capture the focus of the illustration and cold ones that would maintain the melancholic mood.

Bedroom Ceiling

Once completed we also created a range of social media and digital assets to promote the single when it was released.

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