Hollywood Park - Album Trailer

The Airborne Toxic Event

AnimationMusic Video

This was a high-concept and highly personal project for The Airborne Toxic Event. ‘Hollywood Park: A Memoir’ is the autobiography of Mikel Jollet, the lead singer, and the album of the same name chronicles many of the events in the book, with song titles and chapters sharing the same names. In approaching this project our creative director first read an advanced copy of the book while listening to the album, allowing him to understand the depth of the stories and how the music brings these real-life events to life. We then set about visualising these to create an album mini-mix trailer for the launch of the album. We worked very closely with Mikel to get every detail correct and create a dream-like feel of drifting through his memories, as told by the music.

Following the success of the album launch trailer, we reused assets and developed the concept to produce two lyric videos for the first 2 singles from the album.

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