Matt Baker: Our Farm in the Dales - Motion Graphics

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‘Matt Baker: Our Farm in the Dales’ follows TV personality Matt Baker as he returns to his family farm to help his elderly parents modernise and make the farm more manageable. Matt had a lot of big plans for how to improve the farm and had drawn some lovely pictures showing the changes he wanted to make. We were tasked with animating these drawings and creating an interesting way to present them on screen that was more than just the typical push and slide.

Separating out the elements of each image, we used a water-colour style transition to animate in the pictures, with each part morphing from before and after images to show Matt’s vision for each section of the farm. We illustrated our own extra elements, in the same style as Matt’s original sketches, to add extra detail and interest. These were then timed up with the voice-over, supplied by Matt, explaining his plans. We worked very closely with the post-production facility DT Editing, to fit in with their online schedule and deliver the graphics in the correct format in time for them to be slotted into the final edit.

Here are a few examples of the motion graphics we created using sketches drawn by Matt Baker. The show was a huge success, smashing More4 viewing records and securing the highest viewing figure of a factual commission for the channel since its launch in 2005, with 1.1 million people tuning in.

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