Paul Weller - Village

Universal Music

AnimationIllustrationMusic Video

Paul came to us with a vision of “a person just strutting around their manor, just happy with where they live and content with their situation, they want for nothing” ; a depiction of contentment. With this idea of a personal paradise, we constructed a narrative where the main character is seen walking around his local community without a care in the world. Although Paul mentioned specifically a manor, we decided against this. Coronavirus had recently become a pandemic and the thought of the character flaunting himself in a grand house while the world was dealing with pain, suffering, and self-isolation in their homes, didn’t sit right with any of us. We, therefore, took the stance of being grateful for what you have with each other, however small and seemingly insignificant that may feel. As the main character travels around, he sees his neighbors, a mother, a child, a greengrocer, a runner, and more, all with a smile on his face. The colour palette needed to reference the content mood and also the pastel tones in the single artwork.

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