Rxseyboy - Bus Ride

Relentless Records

AnimationIllustrationLyric Video

Relentless Records approached us for another single illustration / lyric video combo for Rxseboy, after the success of our first project with him.

Once again we started with the artwork before developing a narrative lyric video based on the track. We set this one in the same teenage world, using the comic book aesthetic to tell the story. This time we see an outcast loner with a troubled home life and his growing friendship with the school sweetheart cheerleader.

Storyboards were drafted in Procreate and immediately signed off by the client. We then developed these into the frames for the animation, with strong line-work, bold fill colours, and dynamic shadows.


The next step was to animate each frame in After Effects and place them inside a comic strip format. We used a combination of sharp, triangular shapes and boxes which were drawn with a rough pen to accentuate a hand-drawn look. The lyrics appear in animated text boxes that arrive on-screen in time to the track. Finally, we added camera moves around the comic strip to mimic the beats in the track and draw the eye to focal points within each frame, resulting in a dynamic and engaging lyric video.

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