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We’ve been working with toy giant Tomy for the last 18 months to produce a range of video content. From producing 4 live stream showcase days for retailers and toy buyers, to filming presentations, and creating these series of sales promo’s for Amazon.

‘CoOperate’ is a new family board game that’s part of the hugely successful ‘Articulate’ series of games. We wanted to show the fast-paced dynamic nature of the game as well as the teamwork and fun involved in playing this game.

‘Best of Sport and Leisure’ is a new game from the ‘Logo’ series. It’s a fast-paced quick answer game that challenges your sports and leisure general knowledge. In the sales promo, we were asked to demonstrate how the game works while showing how fun it is and that you don’t need to be a sports-0buff to win.

The ‘Screwball Scramble Card Game’ is a brand new game from this hugely successful and long-running children’s activity game. The card game uses dice to move around the board to beat your opponent with a combination of luck and wits. We were tasked with creating a promo that explains the basic concept of the game while also capturing the fun.

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