Summer Time Ball- Day 1

Shortly after I arrived at the office in preparation for the few days ahead at Summertime Ball, Pete and I left around midday and we arrived at Wembley Stadium in good time. We took our gear and entered backstage, but not before a routine security frisk and wand to settle my nerves. We then wandered over to the production tent right next to the main stage where I ended up meeting the rest of the team.

This included Marcus and Andy who I had only been in touch with through e-mail up to this point. After some pop star lunch, we finished setting up and it wasn’t too long after, I had my first major job to do – make changes to the karaoke edits. This took me to the end of the day as I was finding it hard to concentrate due to the environment I was in. Once this was finished we headed back to the hotel, which was a couple of minutes walk from the Stadium and ended the first day with a nice drink with Pete and Andy before bed.

Behind the scenes

Heres a little behind the scenes video that Capitol FM created giving you an insight into what goes on behind the stage.

Summer Time Ball- Day 2

The first night at the hotel was wonderful, I slept like a baby and was ready for the day ahead. Pete, Andy and I met in the lobby where we headed over to Wembley and had a proper breakfast. I tried to eat what I could as I knew I was in for a long day, but I was also anxious due to the amount of work we could be facing after the run through.

This turned out to be unnecessary stress as we spent the rest of the morning and most of the afternoon with no major issues and only a handful of changes to make to the content. As the day went on I felt more relaxed and I was able to enjoy the environment I was in and listen to each artist perform his or her sound test.

It wasn’t until the evening that our team needed to be sharp and after a long day of waiting, it was hard to fully concentrate. Beth, who was the Creative Director, went out to watch all the content, while the rest of us waited for any major changes to be made. However, this was not to be and we eventually went back to the hotel with no real issues the whole day and I was able to sleep well knowing it was going well up to this point.

Summer Time Ball- Day 3

The last day arrived and by this point, I was used to the routine and environment I was in. We spent the morning with not a lot to do, and, as the rest of the show was being set up, our work had been checked through and we only needed to wait in case of any last minute changes. By lunch, the stage was set and it was quite exciting seeing it all happen from behind the scenes. Before I knew it the stadium was filling up and I was able to see it all happen from within the production tent. When the show started I stayed for the first couple acts and, even though I loved the atmosphere, I was also shattered and by mid-afternoon I was ready to go home.

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