We are very proud and excited to announce that we have been selected as a finalist by Sussex Digital Awards 2017 ..in not one but TWO categories!

The two categories are;

Use of Video for Business


Website: Marketing & Creative

So…we’ve only got to wait until 13th April 2017 when the award ceremony takes place at Pelham House in Lewes to find out.

We are extremely proud of the work we produce and our clients are very happy and pleased with what we achieve (you can see this by what they have to say below). However it’s incredible to get recognition from within the industry itself – as you can imagine we are completely over the moon to be selected.

To give you a few ideas about how we can help your business, here are some examples of the different and powerful ways you can use video and animation to enhance and optimise your communications and marketing. From internal communication videos to product or app demonstrations and explainer films, we know how to make the right impact.

Business or Organisation Overview Video

Video is an extremely powerful way to promote your core values and objectives. Here are two very different examples of what you can achieve;

Payment Systems Regulator

This video was produced to give the public an understand of what the Payment Systems Regulator (a government funded body) does. Its objectives, approach to regulation and why payment systems are so important to the day-to-day lives of people and businesses across the country.

TouchPoint Resource

Animation can be a really fun way to showcase your business, giving an effective overview of what you do and how you do it, without becoming dull or formulaic. It makes you sit up and pay attention.

This particular video was created for a local recruitment agency. We could tell from their stick-men ‘mascots’ that they we’re a fun and quirky company, which comes across in the animation.

Customer Testimonials

Customer testimonials are without a doubt one of the best marketing tools you can use. It is far more effective for your customers to say how great you are at what you do, rather than you saying it yourself. Take a look at how this translates on screen in the Barclays video below. We interviewed real students to find out about their attitudes to money and how Barclays helped them to manage their finances.

Barclays Bank – Student Account


YouTube/TV Advertisement

We’re all very familiar with traditional TV commercials or YouTube advert’s. We can help you produce a quality promo to target your audience, both online or on TV.

Canvas Oia Spa Resort

This series of web promo’s were created for Canaves Oia luxury villa and spa resort.

Amy Winehouse – The Vinyl Collection

We created this sales promo for Universal Records to promote the release of the Amy Winehouse Vinyl Collection.


Product or Software Launch Video

Video or animation can add incredible impact to your announcement of a new product, business or software.

timberSphere Announcement

This highly cinematic animation was created for the exclusive VIP launch event for new software timberSphere. It was designed for high impact to impress the audience at the event and ensure they remembered the product.


Campaign Film

Video or animation is a powerful way to raise awareness for your charity or organisation.

Perpetual Fostering

This animation was created for YouTube to drive traffic to the charities website.

PR or Launch Event Coverage

If you’re holding a PR or launch event, then it’s great to have video coverage of the day so that a wider online audience can find out about it. We specialise in fast turnaround coverage of live events, enabling you to have footage on YouTube and social media within hours of your event taking place.

Nokia OZO European Launch

This video for the European launch to the Nokia OZO 360/VR camera was on YouTube and Facebook within 2 hours of the event finishing!

BGC Charity Day

The BGC Charity Day is an annual event to raise money for a wide range of causes. As well as filming coverage of the day, streamed throughout Barclays Tower, we also interviewed the celebrity patrons of each charity. This video was edited and uploaded the following day to continue to raise awareness for the charities involved.

App ‘Explainer’

Video and animation is very useful in explaining complicated or new concepts in an interesting and engaging way.


The following animation was created to explain how the app worked and to demonstrate its benefits, to help drive sales and investment. After the client had little success with PowerPoint presentations they realised an animation would be a more interesting and intuitive way to present their app.