Singer/songwriter and BBC Introducing Artist Tom Prior gets transported back to the ’80s

Tom Prior Music Video Looks Like Rain by RMV Productions

Tom Prior Music Video Looks Like Rain by RMV Productions

We had the pleasure of transporting singer songwriter Tom Prior back to the 1980s producing his latest music video from his first studio album.

Filmed at Gun Hill Studios in Sussex, the music video for the new song, ‘Looks Like Rain’, sees Tom Prior in character as an anchorman newsreader. He is joined by a beautiful blonde co-host and a cheeky weatherman with a hidden talent for disco dancing. If you live in Horsham you may even recognise the weatherman – the very talented Chris Dale from HAODS (Horsham Amateur Operatic and Dramatic Society).

Initially we had two ideas that we pitched to Tom. One involved a choreographed dance routine in water, with Tom surrounded by a waterfall as he sang the song and two very wet dancers dancing to it. The second was a newsroom concept, which Tom instantly loved. The idea itself stems from the song title, ‘Looks Like Rain’ , which sounds like a weather report. This in turn led to the news program idea; we thought it would be fun to give it a retro 1980’s/Anchorman twist.

Furthermore, we contrasted a comic video with an honest and heartfelt song. As a result, what you’re seeing and experiencing on screen, compared to the sincerity of the lyrics, is the reason why the video works so well.

We had a lot of fun filming the video and Tom was great to work with. We think he did a fantastic job, playing his straight-faced news reader character perfectly. He even admitted that he’d never done anything quite like this before, but you can’t tell!

Tom’s track ‘Looks like Rain’ is released on Friday 4 November 2016. It’s the first single from Tom Priors new album, The Sunday Scene, out on Island Records.

Here’s the finished video:

Update 07/11/2016

The video has proved to be a hugely popular viral success, amassing over 30k views on YouTube alone in the first weekend! Tom and his management are very excited about this (as are we):

And finally… here we are on set:

Music Video Shoot
DOP Craig and Camera Assistant Josh checking the shot
News desk
Director Pete and Camera Assistant Josh reposition the news desk into shot
Music Video Shoot
Tom and Joanna having fun before a take
Music Video Shoot
Joanna and Chris going through their scene
Movi M15
Camera man Craig using the movi M15
Music video shoot, hair & makeup
Final touches to hair & makeup and the set before the camera rolls
RMV Productions Team On Set Tom Prior Looks Like Rain Video
Happy crew after a great days filming

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